30.04.2015 - I recently put out a newspaper that reviewed some of the amazing projects I was part of last year. Download it -------> here.

23.03.2015 - Currently in New York, preparing my show at The Supermarket on Broadway. Opening Thursday March 26th.

20.03.2015 - Have been filming in locations around the UK, enjoying the epic views.

14.01.2015 - Going around the world to extreme locations in Mexico, New Zealand and Congo.

09.01.2015 - Battling snow in Stockholm - shooting on Adamsky production

27.10.2014 - Creating cover artwork for Kaleida using powerful laser light. Out on LEX records soon.

01.10.2014 - Enjoying the lovely landscapes of Snowdonia, Wales creating car shots.

12.09.2014 - In Kiev filming parkour action - everything is flying, cameras and actors.

27.08.2014 - On glacier expedition in Iran - supported by Polaroid Eyewear - documenting ice in three mountain ranges


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