26.10.2015 - Just got back from a fashion shoot Iceland

22.09.2015 - Currently in Greenland documenting glaciers for Project Pressure.

11.08.2015 - Have recently spent some time shooting on the ski slopes in New Zealand

10.07.2015 - Have been shooting in Maui and seeing some amazing locations

19.06.2015 - Just finished a shoot in Sweden, travelling across the country and seeing some amazing places

18.05.2015 - Shooting Golden Rules for LEX Records - South London meets Miami

05.05.2015 - In Kiruna in the Arctic to shoot for on going documentary project.

30.04.2015 - I recently put out a newspaper that reviewed some of the amazing projects I was part of last year. Download it -------> here.

23.03.2015 - Currently in New York, preparing my show at The Supermarket on Broadway. Opening Thursday March 26th.


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